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Bookkeeping and certain branches of accounting can be a real drain on your precious time – time that you need for your own core business. Why not focus on your strengths?

You are a specialist in your own particular area – and accounting is our field of specialization. We partner you in finding simple and efficient solutions that match your needs.

Accounting provides your company with important input data for making the right decisions in future, and that data needs to be at hand quickly and in the right form.

Our services assist you in reaching decisions:

Annual financial statements that take tax optimization aspects into account
Payroll accounting (including accounting of social security contributions)
Processing of accounts receivable and payable, including payments management
Bookkeeping with monthly and quarterly closings
Periodic reports for investors or banks
VAT accounting
Liquidity planning
Cost accounting

We conclude a blanket agreement with you. That way you can avoid complicated bills for hours worked and always know exactly where you stand.